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Thai Cuisine

Our specialty

At Siam O-Cha , you will savor flavorful dishes rarely served outside of Thailand! When most people hear “Thai cuisine,” they think about Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and other popular street foods. We serve these classic dishes. But Siam O-Cha specializes in sophisticated, little-known cuisine such as Shrang Wa Goong, Kaeng Hung Ley and Kun Tok , originally prepared for Thai royalty in generations past. We want to introduce a new generation to these classically-prepared dishes and ensure they won’t be lost. In fact, our mission at Siam O-Cham is to conserve Thai royal cuisine and share our love for this wonderful food with you. Bon appetit!

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Thai Cuisine


Siam O-Cha is one of the finest Thai restaurant located at Longwood, FL. Our restaurant is best known for its outstanding Thai cuisine, excellent staff service with livery ambience. Thai cuisine prepares everything fresh using the best quality ingredients and the freshest vegetables.

Enjoy a classic Thai dish, or a fusion of our Chef’s own creation, before or after bar hopping on the famous Fremont Street.

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The perfect




“time” in Thai- meaning – take a little time out of your day to come have a drink with us, or take a little more time off and enjoy a leisurely meal with us!

At Siam O-Cha, we serve bright and fresh homestyle Thai food with a greenmarket approach inspired by the markets in Bangkok where our Chef, Tom Naumsuwan, grew up.

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